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Partnering with schools, districts, and agencies to align evidence-based practices in elementary mathematics 

  • Discussion of potential partnership goals and objectives.


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Tiya Karaus
Second Grade Teacher
Former Fourth Grade Teacher
and Math Coach

Impactful professional development changes one’s understanding

of teaching and learning.

The time I spent participating in coaching cycles with Shannon Olson was transformative.

With her guidance and support,

I was able to cultivate a

student-centered teaching

practice that honored

the thinking and voices

of the students in my classroom. Shannon guided me through the creation and implementation of launching, exploring, and discussing mathematical tasks

with my students. 

With her style of listening intently

and asking thought-provoking questions, Shannon uses her

deep knowledge of pedagogy

to guide educators in making substantial improvements to

their teaching practices.

Shannon is a great

communicator and collaborator.

She matched my teaching goals

with resources and practices

that produced an immediate and lasting impact on my lesson delivery.   Simply put, Shannon was

the guide I needed to

help me become the

teacher I wanted to be. 

Image of Allison DePiro

Allison DePiro
Project Manager, CueThinkEF+ 
Former Elementary Math Specialist and Teacher

Shannon changed the way I

understood and taught math.

As my math coach, she

opened my eyes to the framework

of Launch, Explore, Discuss and

supported me every step of the

way as I transitioned to

Cognitively Guided Instruction.

With Shannon by my side, I felt comfortable putting research into practice by eliciting students’ prior knowledge and creating rich math experiences that required

reasoning and justification.

In addition to classroom instruction, Shannon supported my professional career by encouraging me to present

at a local math conference.

Without Shannon’s expertise and guidance, I wouldn’t have become

a math coach, a presenter at NCTM,

a PAEMST state finalist, or a

Lead Developer of Rich Math Tasks

for the Virginia Department of Education. Shannon is extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, supportive, and professional. I highly recommend her service to anyone seeking to improve mathematics teaching and learning. 

Image of Teri Mattson

Teri Mattson
Executive Director, UAGC
Former Principal and
District-level Director

I have known and worked closely with Shannon for many years and know of the impact she has had as an educational consultant and leader across Utah. I have found her to be a professional with high ethical standards, a deep commitment to helping educators improve student outcomes, and an unparalleled knowledge of content, instruction, and coaching.

Shannon has a unique ability to listen with genuine intent, to ask thought provoking questions, to create common understanding, and to improve instructional practice. I have been a member of committees she has led and have been amazed as diverse groups of people begin with varied levels of understanding, but end with common goals and desired outcomes that improve practice.

There is no doubt that Shannon’s expertise as a curriculum writer,

a coach, an instructor, and an educational leader impacts every group with which she works.

Those who have worked with her regularly praise her knowledge, her insights, her people skills,

and her outcomes.

I strongly urge anyone seeking an educational consultant to seek out Shannon. She will move mountains!

Image of Jessica Vehar

Jessica Vehar 
Fifth Grade

When I think back to the

individuals who most impacted

my philosophy within

the teaching profession,

Shannon Olson is one of

the first to come to mind.

She played a monumental role

in helping to shape my

personal mathematical thinking,

the way I teach math,

and the way I discuss

math instruction with

current and future colleagues. 

I distinctly remember

the moment my mindset shifted

around conceptual understanding

and task-based instruction.

Shannon is skilled in

guiding educators while

letting them come to their own realizations and understanding.

I was first introduced to the

Launch, Explore, Discuss

framework by Shannon

several years ago.

Now, teaching

in a new state

across the country,

my current school district

has begun implementing

this same framework.

I am proud to have

learned this from Shannon

several years ago!

She is ahead of the

teaching curve and is an

excellent coach

and mentor

who I continue to

collaborate with when I

need any type of

mathematical guidance.

Image of Linda Hendry

Linda Hendry
Retired Elementary Math Specialist and Teacher

When I moved into the educational arena of instructional coaching after 30 years in the classroom, I was mentored by Shannon Olson. Not only did she spend time outside of her own coaching responsibilities to strengthen and develop my understanding of how adults learn and progress, but also how children learn and retain mathematical concepts.

Her immense knowledge base and understanding of mathematical curriculum and standards inspired me to build a solid foundation of my own. 

I had the opportunity to instruct teachers seeking their math endorsement certification alongside Shannon for several years. Shannon taught me how to plan professional development, how to deliver effective instruction, how to launch successful mathematical tasks, how to allow and support the exploration of new concepts, and how to ask questions that would enrich a group discussion. Shannon’s feedback and goal setting with me as a teacher of teachers enabled me to gain a confidence that I had never possessed. Through her example, instruction, and encouragement, I was able to foster positive relationships with the teachers I taught and mentored. 

Shannon Olson knows how to develop and cultivate mathematics learning in adults and children. Her love and passion for mathematics learning inspires all who are fortunate enough to engage in it with her.

Image of Melissa Garber

Melissa Garber
District-level Math Specialist
and University Instructor

I have had the pleasure

of working with Shannon

in several capacities.  

For me, she has been a

math leader, mentor, coach,

and co-facilitator.  

Shannon is generous, kind,

and knowledgeable.  

She knows and understands elementary mathematics

from individual standards

all the way to big overarching

ideas across grade bands.  

She not only has experience

impacting change at the

individual student level,

but also change at

the systemwide level

across an entire state.  


She seamlessly facilitates

high-quality, research-based

learning opportunities

with teachers, administrators,

and state leaders.  


Her mathematics vision is

clear and she inspires

individuals to grow and

change their practice.  

I appreciate the many lessons

I have learned working with

Shannon and the inspiration

she provides.  

Image of State-level Mathematics Specialist

State-level Mathematics Specialist

Shannon Olson brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the elementary mathematics ecosystem.  She is an expert on evidence and research-based elementary mathematics practices and brings with her a unique background that allows her to approach productive change from a systems perspective.  

Shannon's expertise and leadership have been fundamental in changing the mathematics culture in each system she has the opportunity to interact with. In addition to her mathematics education expertise,

her leadership style is approachable and she is a master at bringing

diverse stakeholders together

to come to consensus.  


Former District-level Superintendent

Shannon Olson’s

unique combination of

successful experiences with

mathematics teaching, curriculum writing,

teacher coaching, and

program administration

have prepared her to offer

evidence-based consulting

from the classroom

to the boardroom.

 We have directly


from that expertise

and continue to

reach out to her for




Image of District-level Mathematics Specialist

Mathematics Specialist

I had the privilege of working with Shannon as I transitioned from

serving as a teacher and coach

to the position of a district-level mathematics specialist.

She helped me deepen my understanding of the

progressions of mathematics standards across grade levels,

of designing and facilitating

district-wide professional learning,

and of navigating state-level

policy and guidelines

around mathematics.

Her knowledge of

elementary mathematics is comprehensive and her skills

in supporting individuals

and systems are remarkable. 

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